Airlift Education connects learning with skills and creativity, engaging imagination by encouraging self-expression through in- and after-school programs for students, mentorship programs with cultural leaders and workshops, artist talks, sound walks and other offerings for audiences of all ages. New Orleans Airlift believes interactive educational experiences create worlds of opportunities.

Examples of previous Airlift education programs include:

  • Tulane University has invited Airlift to be a lead organization for Architecture Weekend 2015. Students will design a structure which will later have instruments outfitted into it by Tulane School of Music Science students. Check back for more updates in January 2015!
  • Airlift creates Mentorship Programs that are built in tandem with exhibitions. For example, through trick-your-bike workshops with Twon, president of the Louisiana Whipz car club, and a trip to a horse stables to learn how to care and ride horses with the 504 Boyz Horse Riding club. These mentorships often evolve into long term relationships. For example, "The St Roch Scrappers," the children's new bike club, ride with Twon on weekends as long as their grades stay up.
  • Make Music NOLA students regularly work with Airlift artists in after school programs. Workshops with artists are developed based on the artists project and students are taught that instruments can be made with anything!
  • Georgia Tech University invited New Orleans Airlift to collaborate on a cross-disciplinary class on how music and architecture can be integrated into each other, the implications of public interaction with sound and how performance informs design. Graduate students, working with the artists from New Orleans Airlift, with inspiration from precedents such as “The Music Box”, to design a musical structure, build it and invite performers to interact with the invented instruments. Students designed and later built a musical structure.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss potential education programs. Airlift will work with your educational institution to develop:

  • Interactive skill-building classes
  • Artist talks
  • Design/build workshops & classes
  • University collaborations
  • Sound walks

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