The Music Box: Kiev, Ukraine



The United States Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine invited New Orleans Airlift to complete a very special mission at the Art Arsenale Museum.


Airlift was invited by the American Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine in cooperation with the Art Arsenale Museum to realize an outpost installation of Musical Architecture. This was our first “Outpost” and has become the model for expanding our idea of Musical Architecture to new communities. By researching the architectural and musical history of the specific place and working with seven local artists, we were able to create an installation that reflected Kiev’s unique culture.

Dimitriy Tiazhlov, a Ukranian documentary film maker, followed their adventure collecting materials, wandering through Ukrainian markets and collaborating with a slew of amazing Ukranian artists. The film culminates in the building and performance of the musical house in the Art Arsenale Museum.


Delaney Martin, Taylor Lee Shepherd and Andrew Schrock collaborated with Ukrainian artists Ivanov Down, and Dmytro Nikolaienko to build the structure. Airlift also imported instruments like Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Noise Floor and Lindsay Karty’s Electric Curtain, plus new inventions from Music Box artists Taylor Kuffner, Ben Mortimer and Ross Harmon.

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