The Music Box: Central City

Location:  O.C. Haley Blvd, New Olreans

Dates: December 2015

New Orleans Airlift partnered with Ashe Cultural Center to create a Music Box Outpost in Central City, New Orleans. Ashe's mission to celebrate African diaspora art and culture, along with a belief in community and commerce, informed a designe with influences from Africa, the carribean, and New Orleans in the form of a musical market place. New Orleans visual artist Carl Joe Williams led the design of the project while prominent Congo Square drummer, Luther Gray, provided musical direction for the piece as well as leading many nights of music with the public. Drawing on the idea of umbrella style market places, the artists created a trio of vibrant, tin, umbrella shapes and used 55 gallon metal and plastic drums, water bottles, tin cans, and oyster shells to create a sonic experience that erupted into amazing drum circles once the public got their hands on the piece.

Our other collaborators were youth artists and musicians from Ashe's Kuumba Institute. They made masks and hand held instruments to sell at the market and participated in an amazing performance playing our musical market with the fabulous Tank and the Bangas. The Musical Market debuted with support from The New Orleans Arts Council at their  Luna Fete 2015 event (Nov 29th - Dec 5th) in Central City ahead of joining our larger Music Box Village.

It is so important to form partnerships with organizations and neighbors in Central City and other parts of our city. We will continue to do Outposts in our hometown and abroad to build our project through collaboration.





Community Artist Participants

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